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Suntra Spa offers you state of the art spa facilities with the very best holistic, therapeutic, aesthetic care.

Welcome to Suntra Spa Cape Town

Suntra offers you state of the art spa facilities with the very best holistic, therapeutic, aesthetic care and only use quality products with all of our treatments. We are always striving to deliver the very best and be the best at what we do.

We pride ourselves in our professional staff members that are highly qualified in the skin care & health spa services. Our continued association with dermatologists and other medical professionals ensures that you are kept up to date with the latest developments in skin care. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Thank you very much for visiting our website. We hope to have an opportunity to welcome you in our Spa so that you can enjoy a relaxing time with us.

Babis and Dagmara Halamandaris


Facilities at Suntra Spa At Suntra Spa you will find an elegant fusion of health and harmony.

We offer an amazing modern and contemporary visual flair of luxury. This is an ideal setting to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

You will be able to spoil yourself in any of our 11 beautiful luxurious modern rooms. Our rooms are fully equipped with the very best modern spa technology, to offer you holistic and therapeutic treatments.

In our rooms you find a vast choice of treatments ranging from indulgent a therapeutic air jet bath to Facials, Massages, Pedicures, Manicures, Laser hair removal, Anti-Aging, Cellulite, Waxing, Tanning, special steam sauna, Jacuzzi and many more.

All our staff members are highly qualified with extensive experience with the equipment and in their fields.





2 x Massages


2 x Facials


2 x Express Manicures


1 x Wax (Hollywood, Full Leg and Underarm)


R1500 Monthly Debit Order

R4260 3 Months in Advance

R8100 6 Months in Advance


2 x Massages


2 x Facials


1 x Wax (Hollywood, Full Leg and Underarm)




R1200 Monthly Debit Order

R3460 3 Months in Advance

R6300 6 Months in Advance


1 x Massage


1 x Facial


1 x Wax (Hollywood, Full Leg and Underarm)




R750 Monthly Debit Order

R2100 3 Months in Advance

R3900 6 Months in Advance



2 x Massages


2 x Facials


1 Express Manicure + Pedicure

R1200 Monthly Debit Order

R3460 3 Months in Advance

R6300 6 Months in Advance


1 x Massage


1 x Facial


1 Express Manicure + Pedicure

R750 Monthly Debit Order

R2100 3 Months in Advance

R3900 6 Months in Advance



Finally, an easy accessible and pain-free permanent hair reduction solution!!

Enhance your waxing routine with EpilFree and get long lasting laser like results. Whether you're an avid waxer or not, you can get the benefit of smooth hairless skin with our unique EpilFree treatment.

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Professional Hair Reduction System

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Finally, an easy accessible and pain-free permanent hair reduction solution!!

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Hair Removal

Self Care & Health At Suntra Spa your health comes first & it is important for us to highlight some concerns for your wellbeing.

  • It is important that you make your therapist aware of you current blood pressure condition if it is a health risk.
  • It is for your wellbeing that we do not allow individuals to use that Sauna & Baths at high temperature at all.
  • If you are pregnant it is important for us to know that you are & how far along you are. This relates to some treatments & products that could effect your pregnancy.
Treatments Packages
Self Care

Treatments And services We offer a wide variety of wellness treatments

SPA (Sanus per Aqua) Health through Water

Spa is associated with water treatment & how we improve our health using water. The belief in the curative powers of minerals in water goes back to prehistoric times. These practices have been extremely popular worldwide.

Thermal Stimulus is great in Balneotherapy & is a basic form of thermotherapy. The water temperature should be greater than 34C˚ for thermal stimulus. The thermal factor acts in many ways: the dilation of vessels, engorgement, local perspiration, muscle relaxation, improved local nutrition & analgesia. In temperatures well over 38C˚ to 40C˚ the muscles are warmed up & their resistance is reduced, followed by relaxation & results in pain relief & ease of joint movement. At higher temperatures it becomes fluid absorption & penetration of minerals & active elements.

Glorious Bubble

(Jet Bath R 150 or Bath R 80)

An aromatic and relaxing experience in our luxurious bath.

Aromatic Sauna - 20 min

(R 150 per session)

A relaxing Aromatic sauna to lift and re-energise your soul.

Aromaceane Relax Hydro

(Jet Bath  R 250 or Bath R 180)

Anyone in search of a pure concentrate with sea benefits for a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Aromaceane Slender Hydro

(Jet Bath  R 250 or Bath R 180)

Three different Aromaceane oils of Slender for slimming and Relaxation.

Lyophilized Sea Water

(Jet Bath R 290 or Bath R 220)

Re-energizing Bath Powder with all the benefits of a dip in the ocean. An ideal opportunity to relax, re-balance and re-energize.


(Jet Bath  R 300 or Bath R 230)

A Precious Milk Bath in the Land of Eternity. The precious milk bath will take you into another world of pure pleasure and relaxation.

Blue Lagoon

(Jet Bath  R 300 or Bath R 230)

We will take you away to the exotic and sacred islands of Polynesia. Let your body relax and unwind in a lagoon-coloured hydro bath.


(Jet Bath  R 290 or Bath R 220)

A 2-step program to help reshape the figure. Firstly you will slip into a SILHOUETTE bath to relax & enjoy the action of its four exclusive marine ingredients. We will then apply a contouring cream to re-sculpt your figure, boosting the contouring effectiveness of the cream for a sleeker figure.


(For 1 to 3 people   R 250 per Hour)

Enjoy a relaxing Jacuzzi with an amazing view of Cape Town.- SEASONAL outdoor facility.

Massage Therapy

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

Is an age-old non-invasive method of muscular relaxation for the body’s restoration & revitalization without any side-effects.


Relaxing Massage using warm oil to relax your muscles, you will experience relief from the daily tensions of living, leaving you completely relaxed.

Back, Neck & Shoulders

(R 350 | 45 min)

Lower Back & Legs

(R 350 | 45 min)

Full Body

(R 550 | 55 min)


(R 650 | 75 min)

A specialised massage for the ladies expecting.


(R 650 | 55 min)

This method stimulates cellular function & cell-activated metabolism. Additionally this treatment eliminates toxins & improves lymphatic activity.


(R 650 | 55 min)

A relaxing massage using essential oils in combination with aromatic essence to enhance the health, soul, body, mind & cognitive function.


(R 850 | 55 min)

Using steamed organic herbal pouches to detoxify the body, improving circulation & pain relief of the muscles this improves your metabolism & leaving you revitalized.

Wellness Candle

(R 750 | 55 min)

A special massage that gives you relief of muscle tension & pain using a wellness candle rich in vitamins & sensual oils leaving your skin invigorated.

Shiatsu - Bath 15 min & Massage +/- 60 min

(R 850 | 75 min)

Is an ancient form of Japanese therapeutic bodywork using Chinese influence, relieving headaches, tension, digestion, insomnia & more.

Athletic - Bath 15 min & Massage +/- 60 min

(R 850 | 75 min)

Is a form of therapeutic stretching bodywork. It uses stretching & pressure points to help you relax completely.

Hot Chocolate

(R 850 | 55 min)

A holistic sensual & therapeutic massage that uses Cocoa oil to bring revitalization & life to your muscles & skin.

Hot Stones

(R 650 | 55 min)

Massage using smooth, flat & hot stones therapeutically placed on key points of the body. Helps relieve stress, muscle tension & improve circulation.


(R 400 | 45 min)

Is an ancient Chinese technique that uses pressure-point massage to restore balance & flow of energy throughout the entire body.


(R 300 | 25 min)

Achieve complete relaxation, as alternating slow & vigorous massage movements are applied to stimulate the pressure points on your scalp, head & shoulders.


Moisturise, purify & transform yourself with one of our exceptional body treatments. Especially designed to restore your body’s tissues at the cellular level & completely eradicate stress. We invite you to indulge your senses & lose yourself in the experience.

Full Body Exfoliation

(R 450 | +/- 25 min)

A relaxing Sauna or Shower followed by a Full Body Exfoliation that cleanses excess surface skin cells, will invigorate your skin leaving your skin soft & nourished.

Hammam - Massage

(R 750 | +/- 75 min)

Infused with a hot steam sauna you will enjoy a scrub to relieve dead cells & a Hammam massage with organic foam to cleanse & invigorate your skin. A soothing Spa oil is applied to leave your skin feeling relaxed.

Full Body Thermal Mud Therapy

(R 850 | +/- 80 min)

A relaxing Sauna or Shower during which a scrub is applied & then followed by soothing Thermal Mud Therapy where your skin is covered for a period of time till dry. The mud is rich in minerals & causes perspiration & soothes the muscles. You will experience relief from tired & aching joints, ease of inflammation & help to "flush out toxins".

Facial Treatments

Suntra Spa offers a range of speciality facial treatments with top of the line products to help your skin look its best regardless of age. Reveal a fresh, soft & radiant glow with one of our skincare treatments. All are suitable for both men & women. As a part of our facial, our face deep cleansing ritual is implemented.

Classic Pure Facial 45 - 60 min

Classic Pure Facial for cleanse, tone, scrub, facial massage with cream & finished off with a revitalising mask.



(R 600)


(R 600)



(R 600)


(R 600)



(R 500)


(R 500)



(R 1000 | 60 - 90 min)

In this treatment the collagen from the sea fill the empty moisture depots of the skin with a lasting effect. The Skin appears plumped and the skin's own water binding capacity is stimulated.


(R 1100 | 60 - 90 min)

A Treatment which intensively revitalizes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it with a radiant look. This is achieved through active ingredients complex of papaya extract, ATP and collage, which vitalizes the skin and has a soothing and calming effect. The Treatment is very skin-friendly and perfect skin care.


(R 1200 | 60 - 90 min)

An anti-aging treatment with multiple active hayluronic acid for intensive moisture supply for a soft skin as well as a smooth and radiant complexion. Moisturizing and refreshing boost especially for the hot summer months

Caviar Power

(R 1300 | 60 - 90 min)

Enjoy this exclusive Caviar Treatment. It offers your skin a boost of refreshing revitalization. Experience relaxation, well-being and balance.


(R 1800 | 60 - 90 min)

•Proteolea - Cell Cleanser - Removes cellular toxic waste •Vitasource - Telomerase- Aktivator Telomerase activator for the maintenance of telomere lengths •Cellulosomes Eryngium (stem cells) Cell regenerator for an improved skin renewal •Plus Special Additives – Skin-specific additives for the skin care of the individual skin type TCR3-Plus® can prolong the longevity of the cells. The prolonged longevity of the cells can promote the youth of your skin: Your skin looks young, fresh, smooth and radiant for longer.

Cuvee Prestige

(R 2200 | 60 - 90 min)

The Face Treatment combines the highlights of Cuvée Prestige in an exclusive salon treatment. Perfectly harmonized, a unique treatment experience with five* Cuvée Prestige products has been developed for you. As an additional highlight, the Cocoon Foam - a moisturizing, soothing massage foam - perfects this nourishing anti-aging treatment. Let us pamper you.



(R 800 | 45 - 60 min)

Best suited for mature skins. Aims to energize, tighten & firm the skin using Vitamin C. Relaxes features, smoothing away fine lines & adds a luminous glow.

Beaute Neuve Double Peel

(R 800 | 45 - 60 min)

Fruit Acid, enzymes, Protein & vitamins are used to eliminate dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin.


(R 850 | 45 - 60 min)

High frequency & galvanic currents are used to deep cleanse & rehydrate the deeper layers of your skin & speed up cell regeneration

Hydradermie Lift

(R 900 | 45 - 60 min)

This is the ultimate treatment is for lifting & preventative anti-aging, using specialized micro-current techniques to stimulate facial muscles

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe

(R 1100 | 90 - 120 min)

The most effective non-invasive face therapy for the softening of fine lines, skin discoloration, enlarged pores, sun & age spots, blemishes & scars. After just one treatment you will see the difference with the Lift deluxe & lift for eyes

Hydradermie Lift for Eyes

(Additional - R450)

Age Summum

(R 1000 | 50 - 60 min)

Age Summum is a 50-minute anti-aging treatment that will help regenerate, firm and restore the skin's radiance. - Firms and brightens the skin - Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles - Evens out the skin tone


Purity Marine

(R700 | 30 - 45 min)

This facial effortlessly mattifies skin, whilst counteracting blemishes and harmful bacteria. Use of detoxifying brown algae together with adding Oxygen to the skin will leave your skin deep cleansed and refreshed.

Hydra Marine

(R 850 | 45 - 60 min)

Spring water drawn from heart of the ocean remarkably rich in trace elements which will leave the skin extremely hydrated with a beautiful radiance. Will see immediate results after the first treatment.

Collegan Radiance

(R2000 | 45 - 60 min)

Give your skin a Collagen boost and correct the signs of ageing as they appear with this facial designed for first wrinkles, with instant anti-ageing results. This treatment includes an expert anti-ageing massage to lift the features and help the skin drink in all the Marine Collagen. After the treatment your skin will be radiant, its collagen reserves restored.

Exceptional Ultime Anti-Aging

(R2600 | 75 - 90 min)

This manual facelift using Thalgo’s revolutionary massage technique, EnergiLift, targets and tightens individual facial muscles and visibly lifts the entire face, providing the ultimate anti-ageing facial to combat all signs of ageing and hormonal deficiencies. This specific modelling massage helps to stretch and ‘work out’ the facial muscles around the eyes, lips, face and décolleté to revive their original tone.


Deep Cleanse

(R 350 | 30 - 45 min)

Purifies the skin & provides effective results that incorporates deep cleansing, steam, extractions and treatment mask.


(R 500 | 45 - 60 min)

A relaxing treatment customised to the client's skin requirements, with all the essentials including: Cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, massage and mask.

Active Rejuvenation

(R 600 | 60 - 90 min)

A active skin rejuvenation treatment with 15% Bio Active Complex. This facial deliver amazing results also reducing pore size and achieves refined texture, radiance and vitality.

Optional Extra or Professional Eye Care Only

(R 200 | 10 min)


- 30% Peel

(R 600 | 45 - 60 min)

- 50% Peel

(R 700 | 45 - 60 min)

It has a very good track record & we have seen excellent results. The facial peels come in 30% & 50%. It has a “peel & heal” action, making it excellent for Pigmentation & uneven skin tone, chloasma, dark rings under eyes, age spots, sun spots, solar kerastoses. Problem or acneform skins, scars new & old, from trauma, operation, acne, burns, etc. This is ideal for anyone wishing to keep the skin in tip-top condition.



30% - Peel

(R 600 | 45 - 60 min)

50% - Peel

(R 700 | 45 - 60 min)

It has a very good track record & we have seen excellent results. The facial peels come in 30% & 50%. It has a “peel & heal” action, making it excellent for Pigmentation & uneven skin tone, chloasma, dark rings under eyes, age spots, sun spots, solar kerastoses. Problem or acneform skins, scars new & old, from trauma, operation, acne, burns, etc. This is ideal for anyone wishing to keep the skin in tip-top condition.


Suntra Spa is bringing you the best in anti ageing medical procedures, & are glad to have the renowned plastic Surgeon Dr Mignon Laub as a part of our team.

Botulinum toxin injection

(R 80 per unit)

More commonly known by its trade names, is a muscle relaxing treatment that reduces facial wrinkles in men & women, & works particularly well for frown lines & crows feet.

Fillers/ Hayluronic Acid

(R 3500 per unit)

A volumiser with immediate effect that restores lips to their youthful plumpness or simply enhances them, accentuates cheek bones, restores hands(back of) & can be done over lunchtime.



Half leg - above knee

(R 200)

Full leg

(R 240)

Half Arm

(R 120)

Full Arm

(R 200)

Back or Chest

(R 220)


(R 220)

Garden Path

(R 100)



(R 130)


(R 150)


(R 190)


(R 240)

Add Back

(R 100)


Full Face

(R 320)


(R 80)


(R 80)


(R 80)


(R 80)


BODY1 Session3 Sessions6 Sessions
Half leg - above kneeR900R2550R4800
Full LegR1500R4350R8400
Half ArmR800R2250R4200
Full ArmR1200R3450R6600
Back or ChestR1000R2850R5400
Garden PathR400R1100R2100
Add BackR400R1100R2100
Full FaceR1000R2850R5400


Sit back, relax & let us pamper you with our exclusive manicures & pedicures using OPI Polishes. For the ultimate finish followed by a polish & find out why it’s one of Europe’s most popular high quality, non-thickening, quick drying & long lasting nail polish.


Classic Manicure

(R 220 | +/- 60 min)

Cuticles are soaked, hands are scrubbed. You are also given a grooming massage, nails are shaped & then finished with nail polish.

Deluxe Manicure

(R 280 | +/- 60 min)

Includes all the above plus a paraffin wax treatment to recondition nails & hands.


Classic Pedicure

(R 280 | +/- 60 min)

A relaxing foot soak followed by a soothing foot scrub & a grooming massage before your nails are resurfaced, shaped & finished with nail polish.

Relax Pedicure

(R 320 | +/- 75 min)

Includes all of the above plus an indulgent pressure point foot massage & paraffin wax treatment.

Medi-Heel Pedicure

(R 350 | +/- 75 min)

A unique approach to pedicure, the perfect solution for dry & cracked heels. The Medi-Heel solution is a completely safe chemical peel for the feet. In order to soften your hard skin.


Full Manicure

(R 350 | +/- 60 min)

Full Pedicure

(R 390 | +/- 60 min)

Paint & cuticle work

(R 230 | +/- 45 min)

Soak off

(R 100 | 20 - 30 min)


We believe that everyone deserves to look & feel their best regardless of age or size! Our look fabulous treatment range aims to enhance your natural beauty & boost your confidence from season to season.


Teeth Whitening

(R 900 per session)

There is something unique about having a radiant smile that increases your level of confidence, your self-esteem, & most definitely your desire to smile more. Our teeth whitening will brighten your smile by 3 shades or more, in just one session.


Organic Spray Tan

(R 500 | +/- 60 min)

For that delicious sun-kissed look without the giveaway d.i.y. streaks. This organic spray tan intensifies & unifies the appearance of a natural tan, moisturizing & softening the skin.

Any multi-session bookings are subject to upfront payment in full to receive the applicable discount.

Please note all pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

Treatments And services


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Packaged Specials

Designed to offer our guests the ultimate pleasure with the best possible results, our packages are the perfect way to relax, rejuvenate & renew your entire being.

Day Package For One

Fit For a Queen
R 1000 +/- 120 min
Indulge yourself with a Swedish body massage, a much needed Classic facial & soothing scalp therapy.
A Perfect Day
R 1350 +/- 210 min
Includes a Luxury hot stone back massage, classic facial, classic manicure & classic pedicure.
The Jet Lagged Special
R 900 +/- 120 min
How about an invigorating Swedish body massage & classic facial to rejuvenate body & mind after a long journey?

Day Package For Two

Make lasting memories whilst sharing an intimate experience with your partner in sensual surroundings. The best way to bond & inspire romance.

Strawberries & Cream
R 2450 +/- 180 min
Ignite your senses & inspire your heart with a sensational body scrub, romantic jet bath, & Swedish body massage, soothing scalp therapy & classic facial.
Starlight & Jazz
R 1600 +/- 150 min
An Aromatic Sauna & body scrub experience for the two of you, followed by a Swedish body massage. This is heavenly experience specially for couples.

Wedding Packages

Before that big day arrives there is a need for getting together with close friends & family to share the excitement of the event ahead & we have just the right solution. Our amazing facilities caters to the very specific needs of a small group that wishes to indulge in the many packages on offer over the period of a half day or full day followed by drinks & a meal at the Morano Hotel bar & restaurant. We utilize the Hotel services at an extra cost for all your food & beverage requirements over & above the many treatments on offer. Booking in advance is a recommended & a must to ensure the space remains yours.

Corporate Packages

We will be excited to create a custom selection of treatments & therapies for your team. A minimum booking for 5 or more per group will receive a special group discount.

2 Treatments will receive a 15% Discount per person

3 Treatments will receive a 20% Discount per person

4 or more Treatments will receive a 25% Discount per person

All Packages are limited from Monday to Friday & excluding public holidays.

Any multi-session bookings are subject to upfront payment in full to receive the applicable discount.

Please note all pricing is subject to change without prior notice.


Here are some of the incredibly exciting brands and organizations that we’ve worked with over the years!



Aromatic Sauna - 20 min (R 150 per session)

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